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Looking for Party Tents for Rent In Klamath Falls, Oregon for your wedding, party, reunion, or other event? Check out our options below!

One of the best ways to really define the space in an outdoor event is with one of our “event tents”. Check out some of the tent options we have available below… and picture your event showcased with one of our tents. NOTE: We have other tent sizes and types not shown on this page. Our sizes range from 10′ x 10′ all the way up to 40′ x 80′.

Call us at 541-884-0114 for info and prices on all of our tents. 

Tip: Not sure what size tent you’ll need? Just give us a call and let us know about your event. How many people will be there, what other things you’d like under the tent (tables, dance floor, dj table, etc.)… and we’ll recommend the perfect size for your event. Not too big, not too small. Or check out our online Tent Sizing Guide here <<

OptionalSidewalls are available to enclose all or part of the tent sides on any of our tents. Ask us about upgrading to add sidewalls at the time of reservation. Simply call us at 541-884-0114 to see our full selection!

party tent rental in klamath falls oregon - 10x10

10′ x 10′ Event Tents

What Can A 10′x10′ Handle? Here’s some specs…

Need to cover a small space from the elements? Maybe a food table, ticket table, a booth at the local farmers market, or anything else?  A 10′ x 10′ may be perfect. Our 10′ x 10′ tents are all white, sturdy, and our team will secure it to the ground for safety.Capacity: 8 to 20 people depending on seating style (fits about 8 with 1 round table and up to 20 standing or cathedral style seating)

20x20 party tent rental oregon

20′ x 20′ Event Tents

What Can A 20′x20′ Handle? Here’s some specs…Our most popular tent size is the 20′ x 20′.  You can choose the all white (like the one shown) or a more festive style with a red stripe over a white background. This tent is perfect for shading a small party, overflow seating at a wedding, an outdoor event, and more.Capacity: 32 – 40 depending on seating style (approx 32 with round tables and 40 with banquet seating)

20x40 event tent rental oregon

20′ x 40′ “Party” Tents

What Can A 20′x40′ Handle? Here’s some specs…

Our 20′ x 40′ tents come in 2 styles. Our “Party” tent type is like the picture shown to the left with majestic peaks on the roofline that really make for a great presentation.  This tent does have center poles and like all of our tents is secured to the ground for safety. We also have 20′ x 40′ tents with no center poles and a flat ridgeline.

Capacity: 66-160 people depending on seating style – (fits about 60-80 with 6′ banquet tables or standing and mingling, approx. 64 with round tables and up to 160 with auditorium style seating)

… and more! We have event tents as large as 40′ x 80′ and can cover events large or small!

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