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While a lot of people know us as a construction rental equipment company… we’re actually the largest lawn and garden equipment and home project equipment rental and retail store in Klamath County.

Every day, homeowners like you come to Power Pac for our expert advice on projects from laying wood floors and tile, to cleaning carpets, or even laying yard sprinklers, and simple everyday things like mowing your lawn and trimming those weeds.

From complex home improvement projects… to simple maintenance projects… we’ve got you covered with both the right equipment and the expertise to help you save money by “doing it yourself” and earn the pride of a job well done.

Why “Doing It Yourself” Is A Great Idea – And How We Can Help

When you come up with that great home improvement project the next thing that comes to your mind is cost and… “do I hire someone or do it myself?”.

So, you’re on our site because you’re looking at doing it yourself.  Home improvement projects can be a huge undertaking but can be rewarding as heck AND can save you 20%, 30%, 50%, or more.

When you’re looking at a project like, for instance… laying underground yard sprinklers that savings could be $1,000 or more.

You want to save money, we’re here to help you do that… while getting the professional result you’re looking for.

What You Should Do Next

Plain and simple, give us a call.  Call us once you have a good idea of what you want your project to look like and we’ll guide you along the process on what the best practices are, places you can save money on your project without cutting corners (that most people won’t tell you), then we’ll match your project and budget to the right equipment to get the job done.

Call us anytime at 541-884-0114 and talk with one of our experts.

There’s no hassle, no obligation, and our information and expertise is always free 🙂

The difference in working with us isn’t necessarily the equipment you’ll rent from us (although we do have the largest selection of high quality equipment and specialty items in Southern Oregon)… the difference you’ll see is in our guidance and expertise that will help you get your project done right, on budget, on-time, and give you the satisfaction of a job well done.

Check out some of our equipment here on this site or give us a call at 541-884-0114 and we’ll get you rolling on your next home improvement project.